Alcoholtest - Alcoholtester - Altik

Police in the prevention of drivers tested for the presence of alcohol in the breath during random checks of road safety. As the breath analyzer is used among other things made us a one-time screening tube or alcoholtest. Our certified disposable alcohol tester Altik is well suited for self-monitoring especially for detection of residual ethanol in the breath after ingestion of alcohol, or the next morning. Alcoholtesters can detect the amount of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or in the breath (BRAC). Our tubes to alcohol are manufactured in accordance with French standard NF X20-702. ALTEST our packaging ALT P is mainly used in health care.

Altik is discrete one time use disposable breathalyzer alcohol tester. Perfect for home usage or at work. Altik is very special disposable breathalyter and give you fast and accurate result of the presence of alcohol in breath.

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