About us

TejasSince 1993 we have been engaged in production and research of detection of chemical substances. Initial focus on military products has expanded by the research, development and production of alcohol detection in human breath by chemical means. Fundamental intention was to develop a simple chemical detection of alcohol meeting the criteria for easy operation and maximum safety for everyone. Therefore, from the beginning, we have targeted to replace worldwide commonly used very dangerous and very toxic chromium compounds by a reliable and safe chemical system.

Since 1997 as the ONLY producer in the world we have been producing reliable, safe and environmentally friendly detection tube ALTIK. To achieve maximum accuracy and sensitivity complete disposable alcoholtest set is composed of detection tube ALTIK, measuring balloon and mouthpiece. This set is available in a wide range of packagings. Design of the packaging is adapted to the requirements of customers from many different market segments and usage.

The quality and reliability of ALTIK set is certified by independent laboratory and proved by the use in active Police service throughout European countries. Identical set is used by our customers for various purposes on all continents.

                Our motto:

Safely on the road .....             

                                                                        ..... responsibly to the nature !


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