...with a single breath you can save life

is unique

TejasSemafor zelená           ... red means STOP!!              
Trubička červenáSemafor červená

is environmentally friendly

is respectable

  • based on fundamental medical knowledge of functioning of the human body
  • verified by long use of professionals and general public
  • to achieve maximum accuracy and sensitivity disposable kit contains
    detection tube ALTIK+ balloon + mouthpiece
  • supports public knowledge of issue of the impact of alcohol on people

Altík disposable breathanlyzer

is safe

is certified

  • parameters tested by several independent testing laboratories
  • functionality of detection tube ALTIK is verified by smooth existence of the same model
    since 1999

Altík disposable alcoholtest

is easy to use

How to use our disposable breathalyzer

is disposable

is inexpensive

is flexible

  • its packaging adapts to different uses
    Police - employer - preventive action - self control - promotional item
  • popular and used worldwide

Altík single use Alcoholtester



How do you recognize the original ALTIK ?


Altík alcohol detection
three-layer filling

three-layer filling

Altik is disposable, so you can be assured of hygiene and accuracy every time you use an Altik Breathalyser.

How alcohol affect the body

Consumed alcohol is absorbed through the stomach and digestive tract into the bloodstream, which carries it throughout the body. It affects the central nervous system, especially the brain, impairing such functions as judgment, vision, coordination and reaction ability. As soon as alcohol enters the bloodstream the body starts to eliminate it at a fairly constant rate. Alcohol affects our judgment, vision, balance and about all reaction time. There is no way to sober up quickly. Your liver has to dissipate the alcohol in your body, which happens at a rate 0.02 mg per hour.

Use the Altik breathalyzer to prevent problems

It is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol. If you are not sure that you do not have blood alcohol use Altik. It is safe and you receive result very fast and accurate.

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